Contract Terms and Guarantees


We take pride in breeding and selling only the healthiest animals


  • If a hedgehog purchased from us falls ill or does not thrive with in the first seven days, Cactus Quills Hedgehogs shall give the buyer the option for a refund or pick from the next litter.


  • If the Buyer decides to return the hedgehog within 7 days of purchase because they have decided a hedgehog is not the right fit for their family, Cactus Quills Hedgehogs will refund the Buyer 80% of the purchased price of the hedgehog less the $50.00 non-refundable deposit. Hedgehog must be in good condition.


  • If hedgehog is diagnosed with WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) at any age, they will be replaced with an animal of equal quality. WHS can only be diagnosed through necropsy after death and buyer is responsible for obtaining said necropsy with in 24 hours of death and providing seller with the vet records to obtain a replacement hedgehog.


  • Buyer(s) agree to seek veterinary care within 24 hours if the hedgehog shows any abnormal symptoms or this contract will be null and void. Further, that should a death occur without an obvious cause, Buyer(s) will request a necropsy and forward the results to the breeder for her records.


  •  In the event the Buyer(s) feels he (they) can no longer care for their hedgehog they must agree to surrender to said hedgehog to Cactus Quills Hedgehogs or contact us to assist in re-homing and educating new Buyers.




NO hedgehog purchased from us as a pet is allowed to be bred.


 We take breeding very serious. Breeding is not a joke, nor should every hedgehog

be bred as not every hedgehog is deemed "breeding quality". If you are a

reputable breeder looking for breeding quality hedgehogs you will be

asked to contact us for premission and a pedigree.



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