Supplies you will need for your hedgie.




A cage minimum size 18"×30" or  

XL plastic tub (110 quart - 34”L X 18”W X 12” H)

     (Target is the only place I have found this size)


A hide, like an igloo (large)


A 12" non-wire wheel  (I use comfort wheels)


A liter pan -  I suggest one big enough to put under the wheel. I use a large black Glad baking dish bottom (disposable).

                      I get these at Smart and Final (2pk). Tin or foil pans will tear and rust which can be a hazard.


Bedding -  I recommend paper like Carefresh. 

                  You can also use Aspen shavings (I mix the two). Pine and cedar shavings are toxic.


Critter liter - cat litter is to small and can get lodged in their privates.


Water bottle  - non-spring type


Food dish - heavy, ceramic works well.


Liter scoop


Nail clippers 


Heat Source - CHE bulb, thermometer and thermostat (if you use heat lamp). 

                         I have a document I can email you with the different options.


     This is the list of everything in my cage set ups ($100 value) except the heat source. I will send you home with food and a packet of information.





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