Going out of business


These will be my last available hedgehogs



Free cage set up with every hoglet ($100 value)

(Does not include heat source)


I am also retiring all of my breeding females

and males and rehoming them.


All hedgehogs are to go to "pet only" homes.


Adults come with their cage or tub and supplies.

This makes the transition easier to their new home.

***No price break if you do not take them***



Please fill out a contact form and let me know who you are interested in.




You must have a heat source before I will allow

you to take home a hedgehog.

I will email you a list a appropriate sources once you

send your contact information to me.



   Liter #1 - Female Red


DOB - 2/2/2017 -

Reverse pinto with white face.

Dark ruby eyes

A little shy at first but warms up quickly. Price -$300

(with new cage and supplies)

    Liter #1 - Male Blue


 DOB - 2/2/2017

1/4 Pinto with while face .

Dark ruby eyes

Very sweet and adventurous.

Reduced Price - $260

with new cage and supplies

(Pictures taken at 6 weeks old)


    Liter #1 - Male Green


 DOB - 2/2/2017

Pinto with white face.

Dark ruby eyes. 

Very sweet and adventurous.

Price - $300

with new cage and supplies

(pictures taken at 6 weeks old)





Female - DOB 12/28/2015

Very sweet and adventurous!!

Price - $240

with tub and supplies.





Male -DOB - 6/19/2015

My smallest hedgehog

(picture not good representation of size)

A loveable grump.

(Had several teeth removed

must stay on soft diet)

Price - $180

with tub and supplies



Female - DOB - 10/30/2015

She is a little shy but sweet

and warms up quickly.

Price - $200

with tub and supplies



Female - DOB - 12/20/2015

Jewel is huffy and shy at first

but should warm up with handling and patience.

No small children

Price $160

with tub and supplies

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